Intelligent payment

With leading technology, it can adapt to any business, storage, industry, or shopping journey. We adopt various smart features to increase approval rates and order conversion rates.

Global Smart Routing

Deliver superior unified commerce customer journeys on any sales channel with any payments platform.

Popular payment methods

Give customers the right payment methods and expand into new markets at the flick of a switch.

Smart EDM

New say no to failed payment. We initiate one-click payment link embeded with merchant's email to win back the customer.

Trouble free experience

7*24 risk rule adjustment

Experienced risk analysts and advanced risk control system lower the fraud effectively.

"X-Alert" real-time notification

The system monitors transaction anomalies in real time and immediately informs relevant personnel upon discovery.

Dynamic 3D

Smart security code provides more secure payment protection when paying large amounts of money.

A helping hand whenever you need

24/7 support

We are available 24/7 to help you on your journey with us.

Help center

Visit our customer support site with all the information you need.

Improved efficiency

  • Life cycle chargeback management
  • Auto representment
  • Xdrive dashboard

View all kinds of card transactions, as well as risk interception and fraud rates, anytime, anywhere.

Multiple tools help merchant save the labor on payment management and cut cost.

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